Transformative Running Project

Designed to emphasize a philosophy of personalized treatment and of coaching the individual, Erik Bies created the Transformative Running Project to bridge the gap between injury rehabilitation and individual and/or team training.  With running as a keystone habit in creating positive transformative change in people’s lives, the Transformative Running Project emphasizes personal wellness, confidence, motivation, and success.

The Transformative Running Project is a 1-on-1 mentorship experience specific to the individual’s movement system abilities, limitations, running experience, and fitness level.  The program is designed for all abilities  − novice through experienced runners of all ages. The central theme is client education through a personalized mentorship with Erik as your physical therapist and experienced running coach.

The running mentorship involves an individual movement assessment based upon Erik’s clinical expertise using evidence-based screening tools and running gait analysis. Clients receive a personalized program for training and movement re-education; strength and flexibility exercises, run training progressions, and scheduled 1-on-1 running times with Erik.

Finding an online training program is easy.  Understanding your movement faults, learning to move efficiently, and knowing how workouts should feel is not.

I strongly believe in learning to move and train by tuning the mind into the body.  Improving body awareness while running is a skill that requires practice time with feedback that should only be trusted to someone who is trained in human movement and performance and has done it themselves.

Training programs available in books and in online training programs are easy to find. On the other hand, individualized training based upon an understanding of your unique movement characteristics, fitness level, and strengths and limitations is not at all easy to find. The Transformative Running Project is all about learning to move efficiently and understanding how your workouts and supplemental training should feel. Erik Bies maintains that, “learning to move and train by tuning the mind into the body is the key to injury-free running.  Improving body awareness while running is a skill that requires practice time with expert feedback by a trusted professional trained in human movement and performance – and someone who has personally done it themselves.”

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