Sarah Crouch

“I attended Western Washington University and was coached by Erik Bies for 3 years. Since that time I have gone on to run at a professional level and am currently sponsored by Reebok and Powerbar. My experience with Erik Bies helped shape me into the professional runner that I am today. Coach Bies’ knowledge, education and experience in biomechanics, the sport of distance running and racing tactics are an asset to any athlete who desires to become the best version of themselves. Bies is incredibly intuitive, and I’ve known him to detect a kink in an athlete’s kinetic chain before the athlete himself detected the injury. I placed my athletic career and my trust in Coach Bies for 3 years and I am so glad that I did. As a coach, in his understanding of the human body and as a person, Erik Bies is an exceptional choice for anyone looking for revitalization in their body and passion for their running.”

Sarah Crouch            Lake Tahoe Running Performance

Collegiate / Post-Collegiate Personal Bests
1500: 4:30 / 4:24 
3k: 9:35 / 9:24
5k: 15:57 / 15:49
10k: 32:57 / 32:37
Half Marathon: N/A / 1:13
Marathon: 3:00 / 2:44
As a running coach I feel Erik has unique qualities that make him a good fit for many clients. Erik is not elitist (you do not have to worry about being “good enough”), he will not try to force you into being only one kind of runner or following a rigid training program, nor will he run you into the ground or imply you would run faster if only you could “drop a few more pounds.” As a person who is already a driven Type A personality, I find someone like Erik who is more relaxed to be a healthier fit for me. I think there are many days I benefit more from someone who would tell me honestly to go home and rest than someone who would make me feel guilty about skipping training. In turn though Erik always provides challenging training programs – the first month is all fun and games, but by the second month you know you were fooled by month one and this is going to be really hard (I mean really fun!)  Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 8.07.15 AM

In the past year I have taken more than a minute off of my mile time splits at almost all of my racing distances. I have gone from being unable to do simple body weight glute activation exercises to being able to deadlift 1.2 times my bodyweight. I still have a lot more progress to make as a runner but I much more confident in my ability to train correctly and avoid injuries. I am fairly certain that without Erik and the other resources at Movement Systems Physical Therapy I would not be running let alone placing third among women at a local area race. Thanks again!

Amanda Toop


“Running competitively is challenging in many ways. A runner needs to know how his or her body works. With a comprehensive team of trained professionals, an individual will be able to achieve many goals. Through out my running career, I didn’t need an entire team. I was lucky enough to work with Erik Bies who has the skills, expertise, and experiences of an entire team of trained professionals. Not only is Erik a coach that understands athletes have different individual needs, he also understands how the human body works. While working with Erik as a coach and physical therapist, I was able to run the best times of my career. Erik would work with me daily on strength training, running form, and efficiency drills. He also helped determine key muscle imbalances that were holding me back or sometimes causing me to get injured. With the knowledge and commitment Erik had, we found workouts and techniques to correct my imbalances and continue running injury free. Erik is a therapist with unique experiences that help him cater directly to the runner, from hopeful runner to elite runner. I owe a lot of my success as a collegiate and post collegiate athlete to the work Erik and I have done together.”   Bennett Grimes 
Personal Bests
1500- 3:53
5K- 14:17
10K- 29:54
15K- 46:47
half marathon- 68:10
marathon – 2:18:47
Lauren Breihof“I ran competitively at Western Washington University for 4 years, competing in both Cross Country and Track & Field. For 3 of those years, I was lucky enough to work with Erik as our assistant coach. Erik truly changed the distance program at our school. His knowledge of running and biomechanics provided our team with strong training plans as well as a great deal of guidance and support. One thing that helped me personally grow as a runner was Erik’s ability to to tailor training plans to my individual needs. If I was favoring an injury or if I was simply feeling tired, Erik made sure to adjust my workouts as needed to keep me healthy. He was always available as a mentor to offer advice and training tips and he always put the needs of our team first. Erik helped me improve as a runner throughout my years at WWU and he also taught me how to have confidence in my ability to perform.”
– Lauren Breihof 
Jordan Welling
“Erik has played an integral part in my development as a runner. He understands the scientific aspect to training, but also knows how to individually apply it. With Erik’s guidance, I was able to remain injury-free and achieve consistent improvement throughout my college career and beyond.”  –Jordan Welling   
Personal Bests
1500- 3:45.80
3k – 8:05.60
5K- 13:50.91
10K- 29:45
8K- 23:17